Winter Storage

  1. This is rent of space only and the Hardin county Agricultural Society is not responsible for any damage or loss of any vehicle or it’s contents while stored on the premises.
  1. Keep your insurance on your stored articles. You must provide the Hardin County Agricultural Society with a certificate of Insurance from your agency for the period of storage for our file.
  1. You must remove propane fuel tanks on campers and batteries must be disconnected.
  1.  You may have access to the building your boat or camper is stored in at any time as long as the grounds superintendent is on the fairgrounds or you have made previous arrangements with him.
  1. The storage space fee for autos will have a $100.00 minimum charge. This is for the period of October 1st to August 1st. Rent will not be prorated for any part of the year. Articles not removed prior to August 1, will be charged an additional $1.00 per day plus a $5.00 charge for moving. All vehicles are subject to measurement and charge based on total length and width.
  1. Boats, Trailers, and Campers will be taken out of storage on the 2nd Saturday of April.
  2. Storage Rates: Autos – $25.00 per month. ($100 Minimum)
    • Boats, Trailers, Campers, – $10.00/Linear Foot ($100 Minimum)

These rates included taking out of storage once – any additional times would be subject to $100.00 charge each.

Click here to download the winter storage contract.