2018 Season Kicked Off With Annual Beef Weigh In

Sammie Unger leads her calf into a chilly December 30th weigh in.

The unofficial kickoff to the next fair season was held in the form of the 2018 Beef Weigh In. 64 animals were weighed in total. 35 market beef animals were processed, while 29 dairy beef steers crossed the scales.

New Fair Directors Elected, Sworn In

Winning seats on the Hardin County Fair Board of Directors are:

  • Craig Decker
  • Kelly “Buck” Buchenroth
  • Charles “Charlie” McCullough
  • Dan Beale
  • Paul Ralston
  • Rob Wilson
  • Jack McBride
  • Brad Murphy

The directors were sworn in by Hardin County Fair Secretary and Treasurer, Judi Cronley.

Also at the reorganizational meeting held Saturday evening, Craig Stump was elected to the office of President and Corey Ledley was elected as the Vice President.

Fair Board Holds Work Day

Charlie Paints Merchants
Board Member Charlie McCullough applies a fresh coat of paint to the newly re-wired Merchants Building.
Rob Paints New Arena
Board Members Rob Wilson and Dan Beale do the honors of applying the first coat of paint on the new small animal show arena.

The Hardin County Fair Board held a work day over the weekend. The board repainted the Merchants Building (which has also been rewired and now features upgraded lighting).

They also painted the brand new small animal show arena, in which Poultry, Rabbits, and Goats will be shown at this year’s fair.

Hardin County Fair Entertainer Doubles as Movie Star

That’s right! Did you know that Lauren Alaina stars in a movie called “Road Less Traveled?”

Check out the IMDB summary of the film. You can watch it on Amazon.

Country music singer Charlotte comes back home to Tennessee a week before she’s set to get married, hoping to borrow her late mother’s wedding dress from her grandmother. But when she runs into her high school sweetheart, Ray, sparks begin to fly. As emotions with Ray get complicated and her record label continues to pressure her to write a new hit song, Charlotte questions if she ever should have left Tennessee in the first place and if she’s even marrying the right man.

Livestock Deadlines Approaching

Several Deadlines for Livestock Exhibitors are approaching.

June 1st (4:30pm) Deadlines

  • All exhibitors must be have possession of their livestock.
  • Horse Lease and ID Forms due.
  • PAS Horse Show Entries due.
  • Registration paperwork for Rabbits and Beef Feeders due. Registration Forms:

June 9th Deadline

  • Broiler chick orders due.