April Meeting Held

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, April 4, 2018, for their regular board meeting. All twenty-one directors were present along with ten guests.

Craig Stump, President, called the meeting to order.

Kolt Buchenroth, stated there is now a new site being used to make the quarterly newsletter, done by Judi Cronley. People can sign up to get the newsletter through Facebook or the fair board’s website. A branding logo is being made for the fair and the website is being updated. Kolt expressed a need for the Secretary’s office to have an office IPad. The board agreed to purchase an IPad for the office, start a recurring monthly charge for an updated website and do a banner upgrade to the website.
Mike Comstock, representing the 4th of July Fireworks stated he would like a harmless clause initiated for others, than himself to shoot off fireworks at other sites, than the Hardin County Fairgrounds. This is for the other licensed fireworks workers that want to help put on fireworks off site. The board agreed to go ahead with this request. Judi Cronley noted that a 4th of July Fireworks Committee meeting is set for Monday, April 9th at 7pm.
Roger Crowe, County Commissioner, stated the County Engineer has been in contact with the commissioners about resealing all the roads in the fairgrounds and stated they wouldn’t be able to cover the whole cost, so the commissioners have agreed to pay the remaining 35%. The board thanked the commissioners for this generous offering.
Mark Light, OSU 4-H Extension Agent, stated club enrollment deadline is April 13th.
Mark Badertscher, OSU Extension Agent, stated the first Goat Banquet is to be held this Saturday, April 7th at 5:30pm, at the Christian Missionary Alliance Church.
Chris Rogers, representing Shane’s Shirts, introduced himself.
Paul Ralston, fair board director and member of the Hardin Community Fair Foundation, gave an update on the Foundation. There were $7,922 in deposits made in 2017, $9,376.24 in net earnings, giving them a balance of $81,178.58 for the year. Donations can be made to the Foundation by writing checks to the Hardin Community Foundation – Fair Fund, P.O. Box 317, Kenton, Ohio.

The board approved the 990 for the IRS.

The board agreed to have a fee for vendors to pay for electric use during the 4th of July. It will be $50 for a 220 hookup and $25 for a 110 hookup. The board also agreed to purchase a new Ferris IS2100Z mower from Ritchey Auto and Tire Center with our trade in. And finally the board moved to have the county fix both places of the roads in the fairgrounds that need repaired.

Craig Stump, representing the Camping Committee, stated there are a couple new rules for fair camping. One being if an emergency arises and you are unable to camp for the year, you must call the office ASAP. If the secretary can fill that spot for the year, then the original camper will be given a camping refund. Another rule deals with camping spots that are paid, but don’t have a camper at the spot. That can only happen for one year, to keep the spot. Camping spots need to be rented to those who want to camp that year, not just for spots to be rented for a future year.

Rob Wilson, representing the entertainment committee, stated all contracts for entertainment have been signed.

Livestock judges are needed for the Dairy Dept., Dairy Beef Feeders & Steers, and Beef Dept.

Sherri Beale, representing the Jr. Fair Board stated the Jr. Fair Board did well during the Consignment Sale. They have also decided to be show sponsors for the Mobile Glass Blower, Dino-Roar, Bear Hollow Wood Carver and the Columbus Zoo.

Judi Cronley, gave an update on fair sponsors for 2018. New sponsors are Hensel Ready Mix, Diamond M Vet Clinic, Ron Eastman for County Commissioner, Ferguson Insurance Agency, Buckeye Hybrids, American Family Insurance, Wilson Tire Comp., and Barb’s French Fries and Waffles.

There is still an opportunity for a group that has a 501-C-3 status, to work the fair gates on Friday of the fair. The group would receive $1000 and around 35 volunteers would be needed to fulfill their obligations. Any qualified group interested should call the Fair Secretary’s office at 419-675-2396.

Under old business:
There are 5 directors and guests attending the District I & II meeting in Jenera Ohio on April 14th.
Non Livestock judges are needed for Culinary Arts, Cultural Arts, Youth, Pie Day, Decorative Painting, fine arts, woodworking, crafts/ceramics and HS Art.
Winter storage items will be available for pick up on Saturday, April 14th.

Under new business:
It was noted camping contracts for the 2018 fair will be going out soon.
The Radio Rental Contract from Audio Innovators was discussed and the board would like to further research options for radios.
The Hardin County Fairgrounds will be the drop off site for the city wide clean up, April 16-April 19th.
The 2018 Hardin County Fair t-shirt design was shown to the board.
A grounds/executive board meeting was set for Tuesday, April 24th at 7pm.
The next regular board meeting will be Wednesday, May 2nd at 7:00pm in the Fair Office.

Fair Board Celebrates Christmas, Meets for January

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Thursday, December 21, 2017, at the Plaza Inn in Mt. Victory for their January board meeting and Holiday Dinner.  Nighteen directors were present  and 30 guests were present.

Craig Stump, President, called the meeting to order.

Judi Cronley, Notary for the Hardin County Ag. Society, swore in Dale Cockerell, newly appointed Director at Large.

Mark Badertscher, OSU Extension Agent, stated all steers need to be registered by Wednesday, Dec. 27th and then be weighed at the fairgrounds on Saturday, Dec. 30th between the hours of 10am-12 noon.  

Roger Crowe, Hardin County Commissioner, stated his thankfulness to the board and since attending the board meetings this past year– has discovered how much work the directors put into the fairgrounds all year long.

Luke Underwood, Deputy County Engineer, thanked the board for inviting him to the dinner and stated how appreciative he is of the directors and also made the directors aware of a drainage project that will affect the fairgrounds.

Craig Stump then honored the newly past directors – Kerry James for 14 years on the board, Jim Bidwell for 33 years on the board and Ray Davis for 39 years on the Board.  Not present was Jeff Madison, who served 11 years on the board.  

Corey Ledley, Vice President and Chair of the Executive Committee discussed the Fair Committee Assignments for the 2018 Fair.  Judi Cronley discussed the 2017 Annual Report, which then was approved.  It was noted the loan to Quest Federal Credit Union has been paid off and employees have received their bonus checks.  A list of the meeting dates for 2018 were also announced.  

Kelly Buchenroth, chairman of the Grounds Committee, stated they will be meeting after the OFMA convention in January.  

Craig Stump, chairman of the Camping Committee, discussed the meeting that was held with Rick Bard of the Cushman’s Group.  The board accepted the committee’s recommendations for charging the group.  This proposal will be given to the group and they will let the board know in January of their decision.  Craig also discussed a conversation he had with Sue Bailey, representing the Top 20, in regards to using either the Arts/Crafts Building or Community Building for a weekly practice for a couple of hours, for the next 3 months.  The board accepted a recommendation on payment.  

Rob Wilson, representing the entertainment committee, stated they are still in talks about Saturday night’s entertainment and he will be researching possibilities for Wednesday night’s entertainment at the OFMA Convention.  

Don Spar, chairperson of the Livestock Committee, stated there will be a Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Committee Meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 17th at 7pm in the fair office, followed by the Livestock Committees meeting after that meeting.  

Sherri Beale stated the Jr. Fair board members have been set for 2018 and hopes some of them will be able to attend the OFMA convention in January.  

There was no Old Business to discuss.

Under new business:

  • Fair board Directors were paid their annual salary of $1.00
  • It was noted the 4th quarter newsletter has been emailed and there are hard copies available in the office.
  • The Consignment Sale is set for Saturday, March 10th at 9am and rates will remain the same as last year.
  • The Community Building will be used for a week in January by the Police and Sheriff Depts. for a training.
  • The next regular board meeting will be Saturday, February 3rd at 7:30pm in the Fair Office.  This will be the board’s last regular meeting on a Saturday.


New Fair Directors Elected, Sworn In

Winning seats on the Hardin County Fair Board of Directors are:

  • Craig Decker
  • Kelly “Buck” Buchenroth
  • Charles “Charlie” McCullough
  • Dan Beale
  • Paul Ralston
  • Rob Wilson
  • Jack McBride
  • Brad Murphy

The directors were sworn in by Hardin County Fair Secretary and Treasurer, Judi Cronley.

Also at the reorganizational meeting held Saturday evening, Craig Stump was elected to the office of President and Corey Ledley was elected as the Vice President.

Fair Logo Released, Shirts On Sale

T-Shirts are on sale now for the 2017 fair featuring our new logo. hardin county fair(Judi Cronley)- 17.jpg

Shirts are jade in color, and are available in the Secretary’s Office.  They are being produced by T & L Graphics, and are a 50/50 blend of Cotton and Polyester.

Adult Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large $10.00

Adult 2XL:  $13.00

Adult 3XL:  $14.00

Hats:  $10.00

Hardin County Agricultural Society Holds June Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at the Hardin County Fairgrounds for their monthly board meeting, after not being able to hold a meeting on their regular scheduled date due to not having a quorum.  Thirteen directors and 5 guests were present.


Howard Lyle, President, called the meeting to order.


Mark Badertscher, representing the OSU Extension Office, stated there were 102 sheep/lambs weighed in and tagged on June 10th.  

Roger Crowe, County Commissioner, stated he was looking forward to seeing a full fairground on the day GOBA visits and on the 4th of July.


Correspondence was read from the Marion County Fair Board.  They will be celebrating the retirement of their Fair Manager, Candy Tripp, on July 4th from 6-7pm at the Marion County Fair Picnic Pavilion.  

Howard also read an email received from OFMA, about AEP having a rep. available to help lower demand rates.  This letter was referred to the Ground’s Committee.  

Jami Dellifield, Family Consumer Science Educator from OSU Extension, had given the fair office flyers discussing an on line training about Occasional Quantity Cooks Volunteer Training.  For more information on this on line training you can pick up flyers at the Fair Office or call the extension office at 419-674-2297.


Jim Bidwell spoke on behalf of the Grounds Committee.  It was noted the Hardin Community Foundation granted $500 for flowers, $500 for 20 vinyl chairs in the Community Building and $2500 for the new speaker system in the livestock barns.  The board moved to order 80 more chairs for the community building, to finish buying those.  Discussion was held on what was needed to be done for when GOBA visits next week.  


It was noted the Ag. Society is still waiting on the State Camping License.  There are currently 10 fair campers who have not paid for their camping spots for 2017.  Most of those are new campers for this year, but a few are past campers and those sites are being given to people on the waiting list.  Money for the camp sites were due on May 19th and they have been given an extra month to pay and no payment has been received by them.  The camping committee was able to accommodate around 15 new campers this year.  


Judi Cronley, gave an update on how ticket sales were going for the Lauren Alaina Concert.  Ticket sales continue on the Fair’s website through pay pal and in the office on Wednesday and Fridays from 9am-4pm.  The Fair Office will be open on July 4th for those wishing to purchase tickets that day.  Ticket sales have increased since Lauren received a CMT award for Breakthrough Video of the year.  The board moved to purchase $200 for a Facebook push for the Lauren Alaina Concert.  The board moved to give 2 track tickets for the concert, to the 50/50 raffle on the 4th of July.  The board moved to purchase cancellation insurance through Nationwide Insurance for the concert.  It was noted the Hardin County Fair Website has been updated.  The board moved to have Corey Ledley purchase a lap top to communicate to the TV’s in the Show Arena.   


Ray Davis announced who the goat show judge will be.  Howard Lyle discussed a USDA inspection that was recently done.  USDA forms were added to the retention policy in the office.  The issue with the Jr Fair Draft Horses was discussed.  It was noted having youth draft showmanship on both Wednesday and Friday, gives more exposure to draft horses.  Youth do not have to compete on the Wednesday Jr Fair Horse Show, they can just compete on Friday if they choose.  Youth draft horse exhibitors can compete on Wednesday and Friday is they choose.  Also there is no requirement for 4-H youth to participate at the fair, they finish their project at the interview judging.  Regular horse shows on Monday – Thursday during the summer were discussed.  Only horse shows being offered to youth are free during those days, if there are open classes, payment for the use of the arena needs to be made.  The horse arena is worked on Sunday of each week.  If there are youth horse shows being planned by clubs, the fair office still needs to be notified, so proper planning can be made.  

Livestock judges are still needed for the Wednesday Beef Show and Rabbit Show.


It was noted vendor and concession contracts deadline for payment was June 15th and follow-calls will be made next week.  There are several new vendors and concessions wanting spots and those people will also be called with available spots.


It was noted the Jr. Fair Board will be offering breakfast bags Saturday morning of GOBA.


It was also noted the Freedom Celebration on the 4th of July will begin at 12 noon with a full day of activities planned at the fairgrounds, right up to the fireworks display at 10pm.  This will be a day focused on honoring our veterans.  Mark Garmon stated Senior Citizen’s Day on Friday, Sept. 8th of the Fair will be the same as last year with the exception that Hardin Hills will be supplying the donuts.  


Under old business:  

Judi still needs judges for all non-livestock departments, except the flower dept. Box Seat letters were sent out at the end of May, with their due date being Friday, June 30th.  There were 3 directors and 1 guest who attended the District 2 meeting in Wapak. on June 10th.  


Under new business:

Jr. Fair entries can now be entered by going to the Fair’s website and they are due by July 31st.  The board moved to have a community group work as ticket takers for the grandstand events during the fair.  The board approved a design for the 2017 fair t-shirts.  The board moved to donate a fair t-shirt to the 50/50 drawing on the 4th of July.  It was noted Fair Work Day has been scheduled for Saturday, August. 19th.

The next regular board meeting will be Saturday, July 1st at 7:30pm.