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Moved In, Swine Showmen Judged

Labor day is winding down and so is move in day at the Hardin County Fair! Exhibitors collected their wristbands, moved in their projects, weighed, and some swine showmen jumped right in to participate in the Junior Fair Swine Showmanship…

Fairgoers Encouraged to Practice Proper Hand-Washing

Hardin County Fair Board President Howard Lyle said that the fair will continue to have hand-washing stations outside of animal exhibit barns, and hand sanitizing stations inside livestock barns. Posted reminders will also be available at various locations. The Fair Board encourages everyone to take advantage of those resources.

Livestock Deadlines Approaching

Several Deadlines for Livestock Exhibitors are approaching. June 1st (4:30pm) Deadlines All exhibitors must be have possession of their livestock. Horse Lease and ID Forms due. PAS Horse Show Entries due. Registration paperwork for Rabbits and Beef Feeders due. Registration…