Moved In, Swine Showmen Judged

Labor day is winding down and so is move in day at the Hardin County Fair! Exhibitors collected their wristbands, moved in their projects, weighed, and some swine showmen jumped right in to participate in the Junior Fair Swine Showmanship contest. The results from swine showmanship were:

17-19: Kylie Hites
16: Kyle Searson
15: Alli Underwood
14: Kelsey McKinley
13: Kylie Allmon
12: Trevor Robinson
11: Connor Scott
10: Maddox Underwood
9: Trenton Heacock
After a rain shower this evening, the fair board held their nightly meeting, and is ready for the first official day of the fair! We open officially at 1:00pm! The Junior Fair Swine Show starts tomorrow at 9:00am alongside the Horse Speed Show, and Junior Fair Born and Raised Goat Show. Tomorrow evening, we will have the ever popular coronation of the Fair King and Queen at 7:00pm, followed by the county band show!
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Fairgoers Encouraged to Practice Proper Hand-Washing

In response to the two hogs that were diagnosed with Swine Flu in Clinton County, the Ohio Departments of Agriculture and Health released a joint statement.

Ohio’s fair season is underway across the state and leaders at the Ohio Departments of Agriculture (ODA) and Health (ODH) are reminding Ohioans to practice good hygiene when visiting livestock exhibits this summer.

“Ohio’s fairs are great places to enjoy some summer fun, but visitors should remember some illnesses can be directly transmitted between animals and humans,” said ODH Director Lance Himes. “Simple steps like good hand-washing can help stop the spread of any illness and make sure your fair visit is a safe one.”

Visitors should always wash their hands with soap and water before and after petting or touching any animal. Never eat, drink or put anything in your mouth in animal areas. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to leave strollers outside the animal exhibits and carry small children. Older adults, pregnant women, young children and people with weakened immune systems should consider avoiding animal areas.

“Fairs are the highlight of the summer in many communities for many families across Ohio and we want to ensure they stay that way,” said ODA Director David T. Daniels. “Maintaining healthy people and animals is our top priority, and we encourage all fair guests to follow posted signs and make smart decisions when visiting the fair.

ODA is actively working with fair boards to increase access to hand sanitizers and hand-washing stations. Frequent hand-washing can lower your risk of getting sick from influenza, salmonella, e. Coli and other illnesses. In addition, ODA has provided information and encouraged fair organizers to post reminders about good hygiene in animal areas to help protect the health of fairgoers. Ohio’s fair veterinarians are trained and encouraged to closely monitor fair livestock and poultry for clinical signs of illness.

Exhibitors who believe their animal may be sick should immediately contact their barn manager and fair veterinarian. Fair guests who experience illness should contact a medical professional, and their local health district.

Hardin County Fair Board President Howard Lyle said that the fair will continue to have hand-washing stations outside of animal exhibit barns, and hand sanitizing stations inside livestock barns. Posted reminders will also be available at various locations. The Fair Board encourages everyone to take advantage of those resources.

Livestock Deadlines Approaching

Several Deadlines for Livestock Exhibitors are approaching.

June 1st (4:30pm) Deadlines

  • All exhibitors must be have possession of their livestock.
  • Horse Lease and ID Forms due.
  • PAS Horse Show Entries due.
  • Registration paperwork for Rabbits and Beef Feeders due. Registration Forms:

June 9th Deadline

  • Broiler chick orders due.