Grandstand receives a new coat of paint

An employee of Tooman Roofing and Painting rolls a fresh coat of paint onto the north side of the grandstand.

In order to maintain and preserve the iconic Hardin County Fair grandstand, the Hardin County Fair Board is investing $51,000 in painting the grandstand structure. Each side of the block walls, as well as the roof of the grandstand, will all receive a fresh coat of paint. The iconic letters that read “Hardin County” will be hand painted back on following the completion of the project.

We want to be sure that the grandstand is here and looking it’s best for generations to come. It is an icon recognized around the state, and we are committed to preserving it.

Corey Ledley, Hardin County Fair President

The work is being completed with funds from the Hardin County Agricultural Society’s capital improvement fund in collaboration with funds from the Hardin County Commissioners. The project is being done by Tooman Roofing and Painting of Leipsic Ohio.

Hardin County Fair Entertainer Doubles as Movie Star

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