Pedal Tractor Pull


Pedal Pull Rules

  1. The contestant must be able to pedal the tractor without assistance and they must stay seated at all times.
  2. Both boys and girls are eligible to ender, age limit of 12 years.
  3.  There will be four classes of contestants, determined by weight.

Class 1 — 0 –  40 Pounds

Class 2 — 41 – 55 Pounds

Class 3 — 56 – 70 Pounds

Class 4 — 71 – 85 Pounds

  1. All contestants will be given three chances to get the sled moving from the starting line. When forward motion of the tractor stops, the pull is considered over.
  2. Once the tractor leaves the pulling lane the distance will be measured from the starting line to the point where the tractor crossed the boundary.
  3. The tractor must stay between the lines of the pulling lane at all times.
  4. All contestants must be present by the time the weight class begins with a signed permission slip and a parent or guardian person.
  5. Spectators need to stay in the stands.
  6. Trophies and ribbon are given to the first pace winner, 2nd through 10th place winners will receive ribbons.
  7. Contestants are required to wear shoes while pedaling the tractor.


For more information contact Bob Fish at (419) 673-0561.

Click to download the entry form.HC PEDAL TRACTOR PULL