October Meeting Held

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Thursday, October 11, 2018, for their October board meeting.  Fourteen directors were present and ten guests were present.

Howard Lyle, Past President, called the meeting to order, in the absence of the current President and Vice President.

Kolt Buchenroth, Communications Director, stated the old internet service has been canceled.  He stated that Quest Federal Credit Union has offered to upgrade WIFI for the fairgrounds year round. The board moved to let Quest go forward with this offer.  Kolt also stated that Ohio Health is footing the bill for the purchase of an AED to be placed in the Community Building. Kolt stated the communication entries for the OFMA Convention have been sent.  Kolt will also be conducting meet the candidates, for fair board directors seeking to be a director, on Facebook

Mark Badertscher, OSU Extension Agent, stated nominations for the Ag Hall of Fame are being accepted at this time.  Applications can be picked up at the OSU Extension office. Mark also talked about the Extension office renewal levy that will be on the ballot in November.  Howard Lyle asked the board for a donation to that levy. The board moved to donate $300 to the committee. Mark also talked about a new disease that has been found in rabbits.  It was first discovered in Medina County. It’s a highly contagious disease and he just wanted to make sure all rabbit exhibitors were aware of this new disease.

Jennifer Overholt, daughter of Tom Kritzler, raised her concern over the money donated in memory of her father.  She was concerned that nothing has been done with the money and wanted to make sure no one has forgotten about it.

Mike Comstock and Denna Clem, from the 4th of July Fireworks committee, gave a report on the history of the fireworks at the Hardin County Fairgrounds.  They requested the fair board let them hold the fireworks celebration here again this next summer. The Board OK’d this.

Many thank you’s were read from various people under correspondence.  A letter from Ag Credit was received about the Ag. Society’s interest in a grant.  The grant was denied.

Brad Murphy, from the Executive Committee, discussed their minutes from a meeting on Sept. 19th.  Much discussion was held on the topic of receiving petitions for becoming a director on the fair board.  Those recommendations will be discussed at the Fair Board’s Annual Meeting on November 3rd.  The EMS bill for supplies used during the 2018 fair was discussed.  The board moved to not pay for the $50 in coffee supplies, but the rest of the bill will be paid.

Kelly Buchenroth, the chairperson of the ground’s committee, passed out inventory sheets that need to be updated for the grounds.  He stated a meeting will be held soon to discuss various items. It was noted there is a leaking window in the community building, too.  Meetings will be held with the EMS and horseshoer’s, per their request.

It was noted the fair camping waiting list grew during the 2018 fair to 38 people.

It was noted that Saturday night concert tickets have been refunded and the cancellation insurance claim has been started.  Reports of all grandstand and free entertainment were made available.

Judi Cronley stated that all but 49 livestock exhibitor checks were mailed today.  Those remaining 49 checks will be mailed when their buyers pay their invoices.

Janie Seiler, the chairperson of the rides/concession’s dept., stated Durant Amusements were down in profit from last year – $28,689.  Their best day was Friday and their worse day was Sunday of the fair. A new Pepsi Contract is currently being worked on since the old one has expired.

Kolt stated he’s working on a new sponsorship packet.

Corey Ledley resumed his duties as President pro tem, dismissing Howard Lyle.

The board approved minutes from an emergency meeting held during the week of the fair.

Under old business:

Petitions for fair directors are due by Friday, Oct. 26th at 4 pm.  The public is being reminded that only Membership ticket holders can vote for directors on November 3rd.

Under new business:

It was noted there is now a vacant position for Pleasant Township director.  This position will be an elected position for one year and then next year, it will be an elected position for 3 years.  There will be a legal ad and article about the fair board election in the Kenton Times this month. Judi Cronley stated she needed 5 directors to help with the fair board election on Nov. 3rd.  Jim Bidwell was nominated for our outstanding fair supporter to the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture.  The 2019 Ohio fairs Fund money was approved to be requested. The board moved to not refund any of the box seat money for the 2018 Hardin County Fair.  The Hardin County Ag. Society’s annual membership meeting and the reorganizational meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 3rd at 7:30 pm in the Arts/Crafts Building.  The next regular board meeting will be Wednesday, November 7th at 7:00 pm in the Fair Office.


Livestock Checks Mailed Today

Junior Fair Livestock Sale premium checks were mailed today. Exhibitors should expect their checks to arrive in the mail in the coming week. Unfortunately, there were 49 exhibitors that had their checks withheld due to the fact that 14 buyers have not paid for their purchases.

As a reminder to all buyers, exhibitors will NOT receive their payment until their buyer has paid for their purchases. We kindly remind all buyers to be timely in settling their bill so our exhibitors can be rewarded for their year-long efforts.

October Meeting Postponed

The Hardin County Agricultural Society has postponed its October monthly board meeting. This comes as a result of lack of quorum as board members work to harvest their crops in advance of the rain threatening the county later this week. The meeting will be rescheduled for a later date that will be determined and released upon its decision.

Hardin County Fair Email Addresses Changing

The email addresses previously associated with the Hardin County Agricultural Society and Hardin County Fair are changing.

The changes come with an ongoing campaign to improve the brand and visual identity of the Hardin County Fair.

Secretary/Treasurer Judi Cronley:  [email protected]
Concessions Committee: [email protected]
Entries Department: [email protected]
Grounds Superintended Pete Fout & Grounds Committee: [email protected]
Marketing & Communication: [email protected]

The old email addresses (ending with “@midohio.twcbc.com”) will become inactive at the end of the month.

Champion Carcasses Evaluated

OSU Meat Judge Jake Parkinson explains to Mckala Grauel carcass qualities of her grand champion market lamb during the carcass show held September 12 at Mt. Victory Meats.

The Hardin County Carcass Show of Champions was held Wednesday, September 12 at Mt. Victory Meats.  A group of adults and young people were on hand to hear judge and OSU Meat Judging Team member Jake Parkinson discuss the merits of the winning animal carcasses from the 2018 Hardin County Fair.  

The Grand Champion and Reserve Champion steers, barrows, gilts, lambs, and goats from the Hardin County Fair are sent to Mt. Victory Meats for holding and processing.  As in all county fairs, the winning animals are carefully tested by the Ohio Department of Agriculture for any illegal residues. These winning animals were again found to be drug free and of high quality.  

The project animals are evaluated in the show ring by experienced judges, who try to estimate which one will yield the highest quality of lean meat.  For the carcass show, actual measurements are taken of the weight, muscle, and fat to determine the quality and amount of meat that can be harvested from these market animals.  

The steers were evaluated for percent boneless trim retail cuts, as well as USDA quality grades.  The grand champion steer had a 16.5 square inch ribeye area, with 0.5 inches of back fat. The grand champion graded a choice quality grade.  This first place steer had yield grade of 2.5 (on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 has the highest cutability). The reserve champion steer had a 15.7 square inch ribeye area, 0.5 inches of back fat, and a yield grade of 2.4.  This second place steer graded a low choice quality grade. Overall on the rail, the grand champion steer’s carcass ranked higher than the reserve champion steer’s carcass.

The hog carcasses are evaluated based on the amount of lean muscle they will yield in combination with the amount of back fat.  Comparing the four hog carcasses in the show, the loin muscle areas ranged from 7.75 to 9.5 square inches, with the reserve champion gilt having the largest loin muscle area.  The grand champion gilt scored the highest percent boneless trimmed retail cuts (saleable product) with 7.84 percentage points higher than the grand champion barrow. The grand champion gilt had the lowest amount of back fat of any of the other hogs.  Overall, the grand champion gilt’s carcass ranked higher than the reserve champion gilt. The reserve champion barrow’s carcass ranked higher than the grand champion barrow’s carcass.

The grand champion lamb carcass had 47.2% boneless trim retail cuts while the reserve champion lamb carcass had 46.74% boneless trim retail cuts.  The grand champion lamb had 0.1 inches of back fat, while the reserve champion had 0.2 inches of back fat. Overall, the grand champion lamb was ranked above the reserve champion lamb when evaluated by the carcass show judge.

When comparing the goat carcasses, the grand champion goat’s carcass was 4 pounds heavier with 46.48% boneless trim retail cuts and had a ribeye area of 1.75 square inches.  The reserve champion goat’s carcass dressed out with 47.70% boneless retail cuts with a ribeye area of 2.25 square inches. Back fat was 0.1 inches on both the grand champion and the reserve champion goats.  In the end, the reserve champion goat’s carcass ranked higher than the grand champion goat’s carcass when all factors were considered.

The carcass show animals illustrate the high quality of meat animals being produced by Hardin County 4-H and FFA members.  These young people and their parents need to be commended on the outstanding job they are doing with the feeding and care of their project animals.  The complete carcass show data is available at the OSU Extension office and on Hardin County Extension’s website at hardin.osu.edu.

The Hardin County Carcass Show of Champions is organized by OSU Extension, and is sponsored by the Hardin County Sheep Improvement Association, the Hardin County Pork Producers, the Hardin County Cattle Producers, the Hardin County Fairboard, and Craig and Ed Powell at Mt. Victory Meats.

This story is thanks to Mark Badertscher, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator with Ohio State University Extension.

Hardin County Agricultural Society Board of Director Candidate Information

Petitions for Director of Hardin County Agricultural Society are available in the Secretary’s Office on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00am to 4:00pm. They are due October 26th at 4:00pm in the Secretary’s Office. Persons pulling petitions must be registered members of the society by October 15th.

Excerpt from the Constitution of the Hardin County Agricultural Society, section pertaining to elections:


Section 1. The annual election for directors shall be by ballot at the time and place determined by the Board of Directors and announced three weeks prior to the holding thereof, in at least two newspapers of general circulation in the county, or by letter mailed to each member.

Section 2. Members of the Society shall
be permitted to vote for only those candidates who are residents of the same township as the member of the society voting, except that all members of the Society shall have the right to vote for a candidate running as a director-at-large. The casting of votes for directors by proxies is not permitted.

Section 3. Members of the Society shall declare their candidacy for the office of director by filing with the Secretary of the Society a petition, signed by ten or more members of the Society who are residents of the town- ship they would represent if elected, seven days before the annual election of directors is held. The official ballot shall contain only the names of those candidates who have filed the required petition. Section 4. The annual election of the So- ciety shall be held by three judges and two clerks appointed by the President. Section 5. Any vacancy caused by death, resignation, refusal to qualify, removal from township or city, or other causes may be filled by the Board from the general membership until the next annual election, when a director shall be elected for the unexpired term. Section 6 If a Township Director moves out of their township that they are representing or moves out of Hardin County during the year, they do not need to resign until after the end of the Hardin County Fair of that year. Section 7 If a director is elected for an- other position on the fair board, that direc- tor needs to resign at the re-organizational meeting by turning in a letter of resignation, so they can be sworn into their new position.
Section 8. The term of the Board of Directors will commence on December 1.

Section 9. Directors shall be a resident of the township in which they are a candidate or a Director except for the circumstances designated in section 5.

Premium Pickup Through September

The Hardin County Fair Board reminds all exhibitors to pick up their Open Class and Junior Fair premiums in the Secretary’s Office. The office is open Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Premiums not claimed by September 28th with be forfeited.

Concert Tickets Refunded

The Hardin County Fair will be issuing ticket refunds from the Dylan Scott and Brown & Gray Concert that was canceled due to safety concerns stemming from poor weather conditions.

Refunds for credit card orders will be issued immediately. These refunds may take up to five (5) business days to process.

Refunds for offline cash or check orders will be mailed to the purchaser this week (week of September 10th, 2018.)

Demolition Derby Cancelled

Due to inclement weather the Hardin County Fair Board has made the tough decision to cancel this evening’s Demolition Derby.

The week’s weather conditions, which are expected to continue throughout the day, have made the track unable to handle the weight of the equipment needed to set up the derby pit.

Refunds will be issued, Information concerning refunds are available in the Fair Office.