Sheep, Goat Weigh In Cancelled

The Hardin County Fair Sheep Committee and Goat Committee have made the decision to cancel the sheep & goat weigh in and tagging event originally slated for June 13th. It was determined social distancing guidelines could not be followed. The event was cancelled to protect volunteers and exhibitors To supplement, exhibitors will need to submit two photographs of their animal. One will be of the premise ID on the scrapie tag and one of the individual animal ID from the scrapie tag in the ear of the animal. The numbers should be clear and legible in both photographs.

All lambs must make the minimum weight of 95 pounds by the weigh in at the fair. Light weight lambs will be sent home. All goats must make the minimum weight of 65 pounds by the weigh in at the fair. Light weight goats will be sent home.

If you have questions, please reach out to our office at 419-675-2396 or by email.

Goat Exhibitor Letter

Goat Photo Submission Form

Sheep Exhibitor Letter

Sheep Photo Submission Form

Maximum Sheep Weight Change Reverted

There is a lot of confusion about the maximum weight of market lambs at our June 8, 2019, weigh in.  The information on the flyer that was handed out and posted in the sheep barn, as well as reiterated at the banquets did not make the fair book this year. The fair book is the official rules of our fair and cannot be altered after printing, therefore we will be following the rules as stated in the fair book.  The difference in wording was completely overlooked at the time of editing. I understand that this affects a lot of projects and I, as the chairman, take responsibility for this. It is not the intention of the sheep department committee nor my own to create problems but to try and create a “market project” and be fair to all.

This along with rules set in the past will be addressed. 

Please DO NOT call the fair office or the extension office to voice your opinions, this matter does not pertain to them and they CAN NOT answer any questions.

This is a sheep department issue and it will be resolved.

My apologies from myself ,the committee and the board.


Mark Garmon

Sheep Exhibitor Registration

In order to maintain a uniform standard among the livestock species, the Hardin County Fair Sheep Department will be requiring registration before weigh-in and tagging of all market lambs exhibited at the Hardin County Fair. There will be a limit of four lambs registered per exhibitor and one family tag however; there will still be the limit of two per exhibitor for fair exhibition. 

Lamb weigh-in/tagging is being held at the Hardin County Fairgrounds on the second Saturday of June, June 8, 2019, from 8-10am. Participation in this weigh-in/tagging is required for exhibition at the Hardin County Fair. 
The June 1 ownership deadline is still required, while the deadline for registration will be the first Monday in June, June 3, 2019. Registration information will be sent via e-mail no later than April 19 and will be available on the OSU Extension website

Any questions or concerns are to be directed to the Hardin County Fairboard Sheep Committee at 419-679-6049.