Preliminary Sale List Released

The Hardin County Fair Sale Committee is releasing a preliminary sale list for the 2020 Hardin County Fair. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale will sell in alphabetical order by exhibitor. The traditional sale order will be used. Champions will sell at noon. It is encouraged that families ensure their exhibitor is on this list. If not, please contact Jack McBride, Sale Committee Chairman, at [email protected]

Please note, this is not in order of the sale, but in alphabetical order by species, then by exhibitor.

All shows remain terminal, logistics clarified

The Hardin County Fair Board is issuing clarification and guidance regarding terminal animals entering the food chain. All shows in 2020 will remain terminal like normal. Animals will be loaded to enter the food chain at the conclusion of their show day. Animals with timely harvest appointments scheduled must present proof at their respective species’ exhibitor meeting.

Animals going to custom harvest will remain on the fairgrounds through the close of the fair. Exhibitors will be responsible for caring for their animals through the close of the fair on Sunday at 7 p.m. Exhibitors will be given access to enter the fairgrounds, actively care for their animal, then promptly exit the grounds.

Swine Registration Open

Swine registration for the 2020 Hardin County Fair is now open. In addition to the animal photos that are required, exhibitors will be required to submit an affidavit from the breeder via online form certifying that the animals have never been fed Ractopamine during the entirety of its life. Another affidavit signature will be required from the exhibitor upon weigh in on Monday, September 7th.

Questions may be directed to Swine Superintendent Charlie McCullough at 419-674-6759 for more information regarding this decision. 

Exhibitor Resources

Ractopamine-Free Hardin County Fair

Swine Registration

Sheep, Goat Weigh In Cancelled

The Hardin County Fair Sheep Committee and Goat Committee have made the decision to cancel the sheep & goat weigh in and tagging event originally slated for June 13th. It was determined social distancing guidelines could not be followed. The event was cancelled to protect volunteers and exhibitors To supplement, exhibitors will need to submit two photographs of their animal. One will be of the premise ID on the scrapie tag and one of the individual animal ID from the scrapie tag in the ear of the animal. The numbers should be clear and legible in both photographs.

All lambs must make the minimum weight of 95 pounds by the weigh in at the fair. Light weight lambs will be sent home. All goats must make the minimum weight of 65 pounds by the weigh in at the fair. Light weight goats will be sent home.

If you have questions, please reach out to our office at 419-675-2396 or by email.

Goat Exhibitor Letter

Goat Photo Submission Form

Sheep Exhibitor Letter

Sheep Photo Submission Form

Goat horn length rule suspended

Due to the coronavirus pandemic creating limited access to veterinary services, the Hardin County Fair Goat Committee has suspended the rule that goat horns must be four inches or less to be eligible for exhibition at the Hardin County Fair. This rule suspension is only for the 2020 fair.

If exhibitors have questions, please reach out to our office at 419-675-2396 or by email.

Goat Exhibitor Letter

Poultry Orders Being Facilitated Privately

With the changes were experiencing in the world, the Ohio State University Extension Office in Hardin county is not able to facilitate the Market Poultry Order as usual. So, I, Paul Ralston, Poultry Superintendent for the Hardin County Fair, have taken it on for this year. Chicks and ducklings will be coming from Ridgeway Hatcheries in LaRue. Orders need to be confirmed and paid by June 1. All orders are non-refundable and must be picked up. Ducklings are $3.25 per duckling. Minimum order is 6. Chicks will be STRAIGHT RUN  for $1.60 per chick. Minimum order is 15. Distribution for the ducks will be on July 1 noon – 2pm and the Chicks will be on July 15th noon – 2pm. To break up the people in one place we will have pickup locations in Ada, Mt. Victory and Kenton for the chicks and just Kenton for the ducks. The Kenton pickup will be at the fairgrounds in the Small Animal Show Arena, unless the fairgrounds is still closed to the public then an alternative location will be communicated. Ada location will be at Curt Stover’s located at 1721 Township Rd. 30 Ada. Mt. Victory location is the Plaza Inn parking lot on the south side of town. Please fill out the form below and mail it with your payment to 7087 County Road 110 Alger, OH 45812. Payments are to be made to Paul Ralston. Ducks and chicks can be ordered on the same form. Email or text/phone orders can be facilitated and if someone would prefer to pay online through PayPal I can do that I just ask that you pay the fee. If you have any questions please call/text Paul Ralston at 567-674-5819 or reach out via email.

Chick & Duck Order Letter and Order Form