Board holds December Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, December 4, 2019, for their December board meeting.  Eighteen directors and six guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Mike Comstock, representing the 4th of July Committee, gave a history of the 4th of July Fireworks and then had Matt Jennings, from the Home Run Ball Park Field, talk about his request for the day of the 4th of July.  Their committee would like to have the ball park field as the site for the 4th of July festivities.  The fairgrounds infield would still be the site of letting off the fireworks, but that’s all that would be held at the fairgrounds.  Matt also said his committee is willing to take on the financial responsibilities of the 4th of July.  The board gave them full approval of this request. 

A Christmas card from Liberty Bank was read.

Paul Ralston, Executive Committee member, reviewed the executive committee minutes from their meeting held on November 18th.  The board moved to agree to the bonuses, hourly rates, employee contracts and salary adjustments for employees.  Kelly Buchenroth abstained from the vote.  The board then voted on a new executive committee member, with Paul Ralston’s time expiring on the committee.  Charlie McCullough was voted as the next executive committee member.  The board approved the 2020 budget.  The Conflict of Interest document was approved.  The Code of Conduct document for 2020 was then signed by all board members and employees. 

Kelly Buchenroth, Ground’s Chairman, stated he met with Scott Sprang, from the engineer’s office about repaving the roads on the fairgrounds. 

Craig Stump, chairman of the camping committee, stated there will be a camping committee meeting on Monday, Dec. 9th

There are currently 25 Jr Fair Livestock Exhibitors (20 families), who haven’t cashed their livestock checks from the fair and they are encouraged to cash them by January 9th, 2020, when the 90 days to cash their check is due. 

The Jr Fair Sale Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11th at 6:30pm followed by the livestock committee meetings at 7:30pm that night.  Information for the fair books will be started at that time.  Changes for the fair book need to be resubmitted by Friday, January 10th

Sherri Beale, Jr. Fair board Advisor, stated letters have been distributed for 1st year members to join the Jr. Fair board.  She is also working on a list that will attending the OFMA Convention in January. 

Jack McBride, representing the marketing, communications and technology committee, read Kolt Buchenroth’s report.  He stated he’s working on a plan to record board meetings.  The fair premium book deadlines were discussed with the first deadline being Friday, January 10th.  He stated there will be two opportunities to review and make further edits if the first deadline is met.  A rate for using secured internet use in the buildings was discussed with no action taken. 

Under old business:

It was noted no one submitted a letter of interest for the Goshen Twp. Director position.  This position will stay vacant at this time.  Directors were asked who would be attending the OFMA convention in January.  Dan Beale stated the digital sign will be raised with a sign stating “Hardin County Fairgrounds” put on top after the first of the year.  This will all be done together, at one time. 

Under new business:

Non Livestock committees were given their sections of the fair book and requested their edits be turned in by Friday, January 10th.  Judi Cronley will sending the Hardin County Agricultural Society Christmas cards this week.  Jack McBride stated new software needs to be purchased, to run the Consignment Sale, so he just wanted to make sure there was going to be another Consignment Sale.  He was given the go ahead to purchase the software.  The next board meeting will be Tuesday, December 17th at 6:00pm at the Plaza Inn Restaurant, reservations need to be submitted to Judi Cronley by Friday, December 13th.  Don Spar and Janie Seiler will be honored at this dinner meeting for their long time service to the board.

Fair board holds November meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, November 2, 2019, for their November board meeting.  Nineteen directors were present and fifteen guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Roger Crowe, County Commissioner, stated the appraisal of the fairgrounds has been completed.  The livestock barns are now one livestock complex, valued at $859,000. 

Kolt Buchenroth, Communications Director, stated he’s been in contact with the County Communications office and gave 2 options for the 2020 Fair Premium Book.  The board decided on the full page option.   

Mark Light, 4-H Hardin County Extension Agent, stated the Youth Horse Council has started.

Mark Badertscher, Hardin County Extension Educator for Agriculture and Natural Resources, said there will be a Farm Bill Training December 5yh at 6:30pm at Mid-Ohio Co Op.

Brad Murphy, Executive Committee Chairperson, reviewed the executive committee minutes from the 2 meetings held in October.  The board moved to accept the contract recommendations for the Cushman Club wanting to meet May 13-16, 2020.  It was noted a new Executive Committee will be voted on at the December Board Meeting. 

Brad Murphy also gave an update on happenings with the Strategic Plan.  A grant for security cameras has been submitted and a new selection process for Jr. Fair board will be started.

Kelly Buchenroth, Ground’s Chairman, stated winter storage is coming to a close.  There is now only room for vehicles and small boats.  Inventory is also due today. 

Rob Wilson, entertainment chairperson, received verification that harness horse racing will be on Thursday of the 2020 fair. 

There are currently 2 buyers who still need to pay their Jr. Fair Livestock bills, which is holding up the Jr. Fair Livestock Exhibitor checks for 2 kids. 

The Special Board Meeting minutes from a meeting held in October was approved.

Under old business:

The Horseman Grant for $10,000, for the year 2019, was turned in for money to help pay for the painting of the grandstand.  Another Horseman Grant will be submitted for the year 2020 this month. 

Under new business:

There was discussion that the digital sign needs raised and Dan Beale will work this.  The board also requested that “Hardin County Fairground’s” be displayed above the sign.  Judi Cronley will work on getting one designed with the help of Kolt Buchenroth.  The board moved to request next year’s fair be September 8th-13th that request will be submitted to the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture.  The Jr. Fair Affidavit was approved by the board and that report will also be submitted to the Ohio Dept. of Ag.  Judi Cronley asked the board review the Jr. Fair Report that needs submitted to the Ohio Dept. of Ag.  No corrections were made and it will be submitted.  The next board meeting will be Wednesday, December 4th at 7:00pm in the Fair Office. 

Hardin County Ag Society holds reorganizational meeting, election results announced

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met on Saturday, November 2nd with Corey Ledley, Acting President, presiding. 

Brad Murphy, acting vice president, reported the election results: 

  • Buck Township:  Jason Fulton
  • Hale Township:  Corey Ledley
  • Jackson Township:  Mark Garmon
  • Pleasant Township:  Christa Rarey
  • Liberty Township:  Austin Eibling
  • Top 2 At-Large Director winners:  Dale Cockerell & Jacob McFadden

It was noted since no one ran for Goshen Twp. Director, any interested agricultural society member will need to submit a letter of interest to the Hardin County Agricultural Society by Friday, November 22nd at 4pm.  Interested members will also need to attend the next regular board meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 4th at 7pm to express their intentions for the position.  The board will then appoint a member of the society for one year.

All directors present were sworn into office by Judi Cronley, notarizer.

With 43 members paid for 2020, the election of officers was held.  Kelly Buchenroth and Craig Stump moved to keep Corey Ledley has President and Brad Murphy as Vice President of the society for the next year.  Motion passed. 

Dan Beale and Paul Ralston moved to keep the regular board meeting date and time the first Wednesday night of each month at 7pm.  Motion passed. 

Charlie McCullough moved to adjourn the meeting and Andrew Scharf seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Hardin County Agricultural Society annual meeting held

The Hardin County Agricultural society met with President, Corey Ledley presiding.  19 directors along with 15 Hardin County Agricultural Society members present. 

The minutes of last year’s annual meeting were read.  Charlie McCullough moved they be approved as read.  Mark Garmon seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

Paul Ralston moved to have membership tickets priced at $2.00 each, but a season ticket at $20, also needs to be purchased to purchase a membership ticket.  Don Spar seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Membership tickets will no longer be a form of gate admission.    

Charlie McCullough and Dan Beale moved to have the Director’s pay set at $1.  Motion passed.

The annual conflict of interest document for 2019/20 was given to every director and employee to sign.

Brad Murphy, representing the executive committee, proposed a constitution change for those interested in running for a director.  The new wording being added to the election section states “Candidates shall attend at least one (1) Board of Director meeting prior to the annual election of directors, and in the same calendar year as their candidacy, to formally declare and describe their interest(s) in seeking a director position.  Candidates shall be in good standing with the Society as having complied with all their explicit obligations, while not being subject to any form of sanction, suspension or disciplinary censure; the determination of which shall be made at the discretion of the Board of Directors prior to the annual election.  The official ballot shall contain only the names of those candidates who have fulfilled all of the above requirements.  Any candidate deemed ineligible for inclusion on the official ballot will be informed of their ineligibility no later than 24 hours before the annual election.”  Mark Garmon and Jason Fulton moved to accept the change to the constitution.  Motion passed. 

Judi Cronley will file an updated copy of the constitution with the Ohio Department of Agriculture. 

Judi also stated that petitions are already available in the secretary office, for any director position up for re-election in the year 2020. 

Next year’s annual meeting, with the annual election to be held on the same day from 3-7pm, will be on Nov. 7th, 2020. 

Charlie McCullough moved to adjourn and Justin Beale seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

October Meeting Held

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, October 2, 2019, for their October board meeting.  Nineteen directors were present and seventeen guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Sonny Ward questioned the honey judging and the honey categories.  Paul Ralston stated he wants that judging to be done with the fruits and vegetables, so he took his advisement.

Austin Eibling, Jeff Spearman, Amanda Iiams, and Justin Light were present to show their interest in running for fair board director in November.

Amanda Holland, representing the rabbit exhibitors, expressed her concern over communication with the rabbit exhibitors, needing fans in the rabbit barn and needing racks to put the cages on when cleaned. 

Bob & Kelly Carder stated they had many good comments about the Open Class Horse Show on Saturday of the fair and donated money in memory of Taylor’s Way to the Horse Barn electric fund.  They also expressed their interest in doing the Open Class Horse Show again next year.  The board agreed to allow the Carders, along with Alecia Martin, run the Open Class Horse Show for the 2020 fair.  Having this approved sooner, than later, will allow time for the show bill to be in the fair book. 

Jolene Buchenroth expressed her interest in forming a new group and having a show with these kids, called the Challenge Champions.  The idea is to pair a special needs child up with 2 exhibitors who already show animals and have those exhibitors help the special needs child show during a special show.  Jolene Buchenroth was given the approval to go ahead with this new program. 

Roger Crowe thanked the fair board for getting their budget to the Commissioners in a timely manner. 

Thank You’s were read from Alli & Lane Undewood and Samantha & Cain Sullivan.

The executive committee minutes were approved.

Kelly Buchenroth, Ground’s Chairman, stated winter storage has begun at $25 a month for vehicles and $10 per linear foot for boats, trailers, campers, RV’s, etc.  Building inventory was distributed for all directors to start.  It was noted the caretaker’s house front porch has been poured.  A new water leak has been discovered and will be taken care of in the spring.

It was noted there are now over 50 people on the fair camping waiting list.

Rob Wilson gave a report on how well the entertainment did during the fair.  For the most part all grandstand entertainment did well during the fair, except with the exception of the concert.  Free entertainment on the grounds was received well. 

There are currently 36 buyers who still owe $32,772.88 from the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale.  When that number goes down, is when checks can start to be written to livestock exhibitors. 

Janie Seiler, chairman of rides & concessions, stated Durant Amusements had a profit of $76,791.  Their best day was Saturday and worse day was Sunday of the fair.  She also stated a 3 year contract with Pepsi has been signed. 

Sherri Beale, advisor for the JR. Fair Board, stated they are currently working on a strategic plan of their own. 

Jack McBride read Kolt Buchenroth’s report for marketing, communication and technology.  A second monitor has been purchased for the swine barn. 

The emergency board meeting minutes from fair week were approved as amended.

The board agreed to form a fair book committee.   

Under old business:

The board moved to change the date of the November regular board meeting to Saturday, Nov. 2nd – following the Annual meeting in the Arts/Crafts Building.  The fair board director election is also scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 2nd from 3-7pm.  Premium money for all Jr Fair and Open Class exhibitors can still be picked up in the Secretary’s Office during regular business hours.  Petitions for fair directors are due by Friday, Oct. 25th at 4pm.  Season tickets can be exchanged for membership tickets until Oct. 15th

Under new business:

Judi Cronley discussed how the 2019 fair did financially, but there are still several bills that haven’t been received.  There will be a legal ad and article about the fair board election in the Kenton Times, on our website and sent to all current membership holders, if an address or email address was given upon purchase of their membership ticket.  Janie Seiler, Paul Ralston, Jack McBride, Don Spar and Kelly Buchenroth stated they would be the judges and clerks for the Director Election.  The board agreed to request the 2020 Ohio fairs fund money.  There was discussion about not using membership tickets as admission tickets and that discussion will be discussed more at the Annual Meeting on Nov. 2nd at 7:30pm.  The board agreed to apply for the PEP safety grant.  Surveillance cameras will be asked for in the grant.  The board also moved to apply for the $10,000 matching grant from the Ohio Harness Horseman’s Association for sound in the grandstand.  Another motion was made to go ahead with purchasing sound for the derby area.  Dale Cockerell and Christa Rarey moved to nominate Patti and Gary Casteel as our outstanding fair supporters during the Ohio Fair Manager’s convention in January.  Motion passed.

Don Spar and Jeff Morris moved to go into executive session at 8:18pm.  The regular board meeting reconvened at 8:31pm.  $16,000 from the Consignment Sale money will be moved to the Capital Improvement Fund.  The next board meeting will be Saturday, November 2 at 7:30pm in the Arts/Crafts Building, following the Annual Meeting.  The Fair Board’s reorganizational meeting will follow the regular board meeting. 

Society Directors Hold July Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, July 10, 2019, for their July board meeting.  Fifteen directors and eleven guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Alesia Martin and Kelly Carder presented the Open Horse Show Bill for Saturday of the Fair.  It will be posted on the Fair’s website.  They also presented their liability insurance for the show.

Roger Crowe, County Commissioner, stated the whole county properties in the county will be going smoke free on January 1st, 2020.  He discussed options for the fairgrounds, since it is a county property. 

Mark Badertscher, OSU Extension Agent, stated the carcass show will be Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 6pm.  It will be held at Jenkin’s Meats, formally Mt. Victory Meats. 

Steve Gliebe expressed his interest in having an item he made be auctioned off during the wood carving auction during the fair.  That money would then go to a charity.  The board suggested he talk to the charity of his choice and go through them directly about auctioning off an item, instead of it be auctioning off during the fair.

One part of the strategic plan is now done, with that being the internet structure in the buildings.

Kelly Buchenroth gave a report on what has been happening on the grounds.  The grandstand is now painted and the next work day on the fairgrounds will be July 20th.  A back flow preventer for the dump station at a cost of $900 will be purchased.  A contract for cutting and baling services with Dan Wagner was approved.  A school bus will be available for the week of the fair, for transportation, in case of parking lots being too wet to park. 

Judi Cronley stated the Ohio Good Sam’s Group has been enjoying their stay this week on the grounds.  They look forward to coming back next year.

Rob Wilson, chairman of the Entertainment Committee, stated ticket sales for Saturday night’s entertainment for the Hardin County Fair with Tyler Rich and Matt Stell continue to be on sale.  All ticket sales are done on line at and if you don’t have access to a computer, you can obtain your tickets during Secretary Office hours on Wednesday and Friday’s from 9am-4pm.  Tickets are $25 for track, $20 for reserved and $15 for general admission and the concert starts at 7pm. 

Judi Cronley stated a beef judge for Wednesday of the fair is still needed, all other livestock judges have been acquired.  Rabbit tattooing is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th from 9-11am at the fairgrounds. Much discussion was had about livestock interview judging grades being carried over to the arena grade.  This discussion was had last year during the fair wrap up meeting, but was never discussed in a regular board meeting, so will not be enforced during the fair this year. 

Janie Seiler, chairman of the rides/concession/vendor committee stated there are booth spaced for the 2019 Hardin County Fair available, so if there are groups interested in a booth or ground space, submit an application of interest to the Hardin County Fairgrounds and those applications can be located at

Nancy Rickenbacher and Sherri Beale, advisors for the JR. Fair Board, stated their next meeting will be Monday, July 29th

Kolt Buchenroth, Fair Communications Director, gave two quotes for fair yard signs.  The board moved to have Scioto Sign make the signs.  It was noted the new copier/printer is now in the office.  The Log & Jotters have also been delivered.  The Show Arena iPad has been purchased.    

It was noted that there is a need for gate workers on Thursday of the fair.  The group needs to have a 501c3 status and have around 30 people to man the gates.  Interested groups should contact the fair office at 419-675-2396 immediately. 

Under old business:

Judi Cronley stated the fair premium book is available on line at and in the fair office.  Judges are still needed for photography and crafts for the 2019 fair.  Jr. Fair entries for any kids in 4-H and FFA need to be entered by July 31st.  Enter those entries on the Fair’s website.  Fair t-shirts are still available for purchase in the fair office. 

Under new business:

It was announced Open Class entries can be entered from August 1st – 16th, by going to the fair’s website.  The fair office will start to be open on Monday, August 5th from 9am-5pm – 5 days a week until the fair and will also be open the Friday before that on August 2nd from 9-4pm.  Season ticket sales will go on sale in the community starting August 5th.  Tickets for reserved seats, for the grandstand shows, during the fair will go on sale Friday, August 2nd.  The board moved to purchase a digital sign from Signs Ohio.  Christa Rarey stated Boy Scout Troop #150 is interested in doing a flag raising during the fair, in which the board stated there would be many opportunities they could have for that.  The board approved to allow a car show to be held on the fairgrounds at a cost of $250.  The next board meeting will be Wednesday, August 7th at 7:00pm in the Arts/Crafts Building.

May Meeting Held

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, May 1, 2019, for their May board meeting.  Eighteen directors and nine guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Mark Light, 4-H Extension Agent, stated the extension office has hired a program assistant and they will have 2 student interns for the summer.  Mark announced the 4-H extension program will be hosting a livestock workshop and quality assurance on Saturday, June 1st from 9:30am-noon in the show arena at the Hardin County Fairgrounds.  The program is for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year livestock exhibitors – no matter what age you are.  Mark also announced that their livestock judging for 4-H is being changed to 3 different skill groups.  The exhibitors will be judged in either a beginner group, intermediate group or senior group, depending on how many years the livestock exhibitor has had a project.  

Under correspondence, Judi Cronley announced the Agricultural Society has been awarded a grant to help purchase a digital sign for the front entrance of the fairgrounds.  

The board moved to pay Classic Trophy and Engraving a deposit of $2500 to get started on making the trophies for the Hardin County Fair.  Brad Murphy, chairman for the Executive Committee and Matt Jennings discussed a preliminary strategic plan for the Agricultural Society. The board moved to go forward with developing a strategic plan for the society.  A date for the whole board to add their input to the plan was set for May 13th at 7 pm.  

Kelly Buchenroth, chairman of the ground’s committee, discussed the ground’s committee minutes from last week.  The Ag. Society board agreed to go with Tooman Roofing & Painting to paint the grandstand at a price of $51,000.  Work days for the summer were announced as June 15th, July 20th, and August 10th.  Projects to be done will be installing a fan, painting the racehorse barn roofs, drainage, horseshoe pit tear out and painting the beef restroom.

Judi Cronley stated all fair camping sites have been rented for the 2019 Hardin County Fair.

Rob Wilson, chairman of the Entertainment Committee, gave an update on harness racing for this year’s fair.  

Judi Cronley stated a beef judge for Wednesday of the fair is still needed, all other livestock judges have been acquired.  Livestock weigh license applications have been signed and will be mailed this week to the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture. The mandatory dairy beef feeder vaccinations and weigh-in is scheduled for Saturday, May 25th from 8am-10: 30 am at the fairgrounds. The maximum weight of 350 pounds will be enforced this year.  

Janie Seiler, chairman of the rides/concession/vendor committee stated there are booth spaced for the 2019 Hardin County Fair available, so if there are groups interested in a booth or ground space, submit an application of interest to the Hardin County Fairgrounds and those applications can be located at

Nancy Rickenbacher and Amanda Murphy, advisors for the JR. Fair Board, stated their next meeting will be Monday, June 24th to meet the senior fair board directors.  This will also be a cookout.

Judi Cronley, a member of the advertising committee, showed the coloring books that will be given to county preschool students to color and then bring to the Rotary booth for a free scoop of ice cream during the 2019 Fair.   

Under old business:

Corey Ledley and Judi Cronley attended the District I & II meeting and gave an update on the meeting.  Fair dates were a big discussion at the meeting. Judi Cronley stated judges are still needed for dogs, decorative painting, HS Art, woodworking, photography and crafts for the 2019 fair.  

Under new business:It was announced the Fair Premium book will be available to the public on Friday, May 10th.  Jack McBride raised his concern over the layout of the book.  He does not like the fair book ads that the Kenton Times receives for the book breaking up the categories and classes.  He said it’s very hard to follow when an ad disrupts the classes. The whole fair board agreed with him. Judi Cronley stated she has asked to have all ads put in the back of the book, but that was rejected by the Kenton Times.  Further discussion will be held for future fair books. Judi Cronley stated she has sent out the box seat letters for the 2019 fair. Judi also stated the audit for years 2017 and 2018 has begun. The next board meeting will be Wednesday, June 5th at 7:00 pm in the Fair Office.

April Board Meeting Held

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, April 3, 2019, for their April board meeting.  Nineteen directors and eight guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Roger Crowe, Hardin County Commissioner, stated the buildings at the fairgrounds are going to be appraised in April.  Mark Light, 4-H Extension Agent, stated the deadline for registering for 4-H is April 15th.  Ray Davis discussed his concerns over how the board handled working on a contract with the horse shoe group.  

Brad Murphy, chairman for the Executive Committee, discussed the contract between Denny Hinton and the Ag. Society.  The Contract was changed to Ed’s TV and Electric, LLC. The contract was approved by the board. The credit card convenience fee was changed to a flat 4% fee, from the $5.00 flat fee.  Brad discussed that there will be a strategic planning meeting in April. A draft will be written up and then brought to the board for their input. The board moved to accept the 990 to be filed with the Dept. of Taxation.  

Kelly Buchenroth, chairman of the ground’s committee, stated he’s still receiving quotes for painting the grandstand.

Judi Cronley gave an update on fair camping.  There were 25 people who decided to not camp during the Hardin County Fair and Judi will be calling people on the waiting list of 40 people to take those spots.  Several current fair campers were able to move spots closer, since some campers decided to not camp again.

The board agreed to keep Saturday night’s ticket prices the same as last year – being $15, $20 & $25.  The Saturday night entertainer will be announced on Friday, May 24th, with on line tickets going on sale June 7th.  Rob announced music for the Hour of Inspiration will be offered by New Hope and the Church of the Nazarene.

Judi Cronley is requesting judges for all livestock shows be submitted as soon as possible.

Janie Seiler, chairman of the rides/concession/vendor committee stated there are several businesses who have decided to not come back for the 2019 Hardin County Fair, so if there are groups interested in a booth or ground space, to submit an application of interest to the Hardin County Fairgrounds.  Those applications can be located at

Nancy Rickenbacher, advisor for the JR. Fair Board, stated they had a bigger profit from concessions at the Consignment Sale this year.  There total profit was over $2500. Nancy stated the board will be doing some sponsorships for the fair again.

Kolt Buchenroth has been making follow up calls to past sponsors for the fair, since the deadline for sponsorships to be in the fair book is now.  

Janie Seiler, Chairman of the Gates/Admission’s Committee, stated they met with the group chair people of each day of the fair to make them aware of what is needed of them on each day of the fair.  

Brad Murphy discussed the Consignment Sale Report for this year.  He also showed how the sales have been doing over the past years in graph format.  It was determined some changes need to be made to the day, to make it more successful.  

Under old business:

Corey Ledley and Judi Cronley will be attending the District I & II meeting at the Wood County Fairgrounds on April 13th.  The Fair book text for 2019 has been submitted to the Kenton Times and they are currently working on putting the 2019 book together.  Judi Cronley stated non livestock judges also need to be submitted as soon as possible. Everyone was reminded all storage items, except vehicles, will be taken of storage and ready for pick up on Saturday, April 13th.  

Under new business:Everyone was informed the fairgrounds will be the drop off site for the city wide Spring Cleanup from April 22nd – April 25th.  The next board meeting will be Wednesday, May 1st at 7:00pm in the Fair Office.

First 2019 HCAS Meeting Successful

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, February 6, 2019, for their February board meeting.  Fourteen directors were present and thirteen guests were present.

Brad Murphy, Vice President, called the meeting to order.

Doris Kissling made an announcement that this will be her last year working in the fair office, she then thanked everyone for the work they do for the fair.

Mark Badertscher, county extension agent, stated all board members are invited to the many livestock banquets that are coming up.  A new change is that the dairy beef feeder exhibitors have been included in the dairy banquet and those livestock exhibitors can apply for the dairy scholarships, too.  

Kenny Kearns asked about having the draft horse show again during the fair.  The board moved to have the draft horse show during the fair.

Roger Crowe, County Commissioner, stated that the $10,000 appropriations for the fair were approved and the check is in the mail.

Steve Searson, representing the Pork Producers, asked the board about adding a few items to their menu during the fair.  The board approved them to add pork wings and nachos with cheese and BBQ pork.

The board moved to keep the prices for box seats, gate admission and open class entries the same as last year.  Gary and Patty Casteel were nominated as the 2019 Fair Honorees.

The board moved to keep camping rates the same as last year.  

It was announced that there will be KOI drag racing on Wednesday night of the fair.  Free entertainment during the fair will be the Columbus Zoo on Friday and Sunday, COSI on Saturday, a Petting Zoo Tuesday – Saturday, Team Zoom Dog Show Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Bear Hollow wood carver Thursday – Saturday.

Minutes from the Junior Fair Livestock Sale Committee Meeting were discussed.  Buyers will have the opportunity to purchase add on bids through the Fair’s website using Pay Pal.  

Janie Seiler, chairman of the rides/concession committee stated ride prices through Durant Amusements will stay the same.  

Sherri Beale, JR Fair Board Advisor, stated the first Jr. Fair Board Meeting will be Monday, February 25th at 8pm in the Community Building.  

Minutes from the advertising/sponsorship/tech committee meeting were discussed.  Wireless equipment will be installed around grounds of the fair grounds. There will be an 8 hour use per sign in to use the internet during the fair and after the 8 hours, the person using the internet will need to sign in again.  There will be a sponsorship glossy portfolio used this year. Golf cart sponsorships have been increased to $200 this year. A new promotional item will be started this year, being a Log & Jotter booklet. Brochures will totally be redone this year, making them a color/glossy fold out.  It was also noted a new battery back for the office needs to be purchased. Lastly, the 2019 advertising budget was approved

The Gates/Admission’s Committee stated they will be having a meeting with the volunteer gate groups in the next 6 weeks.  

Janie Seiler stated a meeting was held with the Fine Arts committee and the Open Class Home Economics Committee about the fair book.  She said many changes are going to occur this year with the fair book related to those departments.

Under old business:

There was a signup sheet for directors to sign up for jobs during the consignment sale discussed.  The Consignment Sale is set for Saturday, March 9th, starting at 9am.  Items being consigned can be dropped at the fairgrounds Wednesday – Friday of that week between the hours of 9am-5pm.  

Under new business:Judi Cronley stated that those purchasing membership tickets in the office this year, will have to give their home address and email address.  All fair book changes need to be turned into the office by the end of February. It was noted the District I & II meeting is scheduled in Bowling Green at the Wood County Fairgrounds, Saturday, April 13th at 10am.  Please let Judi know by the end of March if you want to attend.   The next board meeting will be Wednesday, March 6th at 7:00pm in the Fair Office

Board Holds December Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, December 5, 2018, for their December board meeting.  Seventeen directors were present and ten guests were present.

Corey Ledley, President, called the meeting to order.

Doug Crawford, from the Hardin County Horse Shoe Pitchers, voiced his concern over the $150 monthly rental charge his group needs to pay to pitch horseshoes at the fairgrounds now.

Chris Rogers, from Shane’s Shirts, expressed his interest in making items for the fair.

Mark Light, OSU Extension Agent, thanked the board for their levee support and letters about the steer weigh in have been mailed.

Thank you’s were read under correspondence.

The executive committee meeting minutes from November 13th were approved.  The board decided on Wednesday, Dec. 26th as the Holiday Dinner/January Meeting date.  The dinner will be at 6pm at the Plaza Rest. Reservations need to be to Judi Cronley by Friday, December 14th.  The 2019 proposed budget was approved.  The 2019 code of conduct was distributed and signed by all board members and employees.  The board voted on 3 new members to the executive committee, replacing those going off of the committee.  Rob Wilson, Craig Stump and Dale Cockerell were selected as the 3 members, with Rob and Craig on for 2 years and Dale on for one year.  The board moved to keep the rental rates for 2019 the same as 2018.

Corey Ledley called the meeting into executive session at 7:40pm to discuss the 3 Goshen Twp. individuals seeking to be nominated to the board for one year.

Jack McBride and Mark Garmon called the regular board meeting back into session at 7:45pm.

The board chose Nancy Rickenbacher to be nominated as the Goshen Twp. Director for one year.  Judi Cronley, notarizer, swore Nancy in as director for one year.

Kelly Buchenroth, chairperson of the ground’s committee, stated there are 26 campers and 12 cars being stored for the winter.  Other grounds projects were discussed.

An offer to use the arts/crafts building and grounds to the Good Sam’s group for a staff meeting from April 15-17th was approved.

An update was given on the insurance claim for the canceled concert.  The money was not received in time, to fall in the correct fiscal year, but the money was approved by the insurance company and should arrive by a check in the next 7 days.

Judi Cronley stated that there are still 35 JR fair livestock exhibitors, 23 families, which need to cash their premium checks from the 2018 Hardin County Fair.  Those need to be cashed by the middle of January. Dale Cockerell noted the steer weigh-in is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 29th from 8am-10am.  Don Spar stated the Jr Fair Livestock Sale Committee and Livestock Committee Meetings will be Wednesday, January 16th – starting at 6:30pm.

It was noted an advertising/sponsorship committee meeting needs to be scheduled to discuss the sponsorship packet and get it distributed.  Technology is also being added to the advertising /sponsorship committee.

Nancy Rickenbacher, Jr. Fair Board Director, stated the 2019 Jr. Fair board members are being selected.