2018 Season Kicked Off With Annual Beef Weigh In

Sammie Unger leads her calf into a chilly December 30th weigh in.

The unofficial kickoff to the next fair season was held in the form of the 2018 Beef Weigh In. 64 animals were weighed in total. 35 market beef animals were processed, while 29 dairy beef steers crossed the scales.


Fair Board Celebrates Christmas, Meets for January

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Thursday, December 21, 2017, at the Plaza Inn in Mt. Victory for their January board meeting and Holiday Dinner.  Nighteen directors were present  and 30 guests were present.

Craig Stump, President, called the meeting to order.

Judi Cronley, Notary for the Hardin County Ag. Society, swore in Dale Cockerell, newly appointed Director at Large.

Mark Badertscher, OSU Extension Agent, stated all steers need to be registered by Wednesday, Dec. 27th and then be weighed at the fairgrounds on Saturday, Dec. 30th between the hours of 10am-12 noon.  

Roger Crowe, Hardin County Commissioner, stated his thankfulness to the board and since attending the board meetings this past year– has discovered how much work the directors put into the fairgrounds all year long.

Luke Underwood, Deputy County Engineer, thanked the board for inviting him to the dinner and stated how appreciative he is of the directors and also made the directors aware of a drainage project that will affect the fairgrounds.

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Craig Stump then honored the newly past directors – Kerry James for 14 years on the board, Jim Bidwell for 33 years on the board and Ray Davis for 39 years on the Board.  Not present was Jeff Madison, who served 11 years on the board.  

Corey Ledley, Vice President and Chair of the Executive Committee discussed the Fair Committee Assignments for the 2018 Fair.  Judi Cronley discussed the 2017 Annual Report, which then was approved.  It was noted the loan to Quest Federal Credit Union has been paid off and employees have received their bonus checks.  A list of the meeting dates for 2018 were also announced.  

Kelly Buchenroth, chairman of the Grounds Committee, stated they will be meeting after the OFMA convention in January.  

Craig Stump, chairman of the Camping Committee, discussed the meeting that was held with Rick Bard of the Cushman’s Group.  The board accepted the committee’s recommendations for charging the group.  This proposal will be given to the group and they will let the board know in January of their decision.  Craig also discussed a conversation he had with Sue Bailey, representing the Top 20, in regards to using either the Arts/Crafts Building or Community Building for a weekly practice for a couple of hours, for the next 3 months.  The board accepted a recommendation on payment.  

Rob Wilson, representing the entertainment committee, stated they are still in talks about Saturday night’s entertainment and he will be researching possibilities for Wednesday night’s entertainment at the OFMA Convention.  

Don Spar, chairperson of the Livestock Committee, stated there will be a Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Committee Meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 17th at 7pm in the fair office, followed by the Livestock Committees meeting after that meeting.  

Sherri Beale stated the Jr. Fair board members have been set for 2018 and hopes some of them will be able to attend the OFMA convention in January.  

There was no Old Business to discuss.

Under new business:

  • Fair board Directors were paid their annual salary of $1.00
  • It was noted the 4th quarter newsletter has been emailed and there are hard copies available in the office.
  • The Consignment Sale is set for Saturday, March 10th at 9am and rates will remain the same as last year.
  • The Community Building will be used for a week in January by the Police and Sheriff Depts. for a training.
  • The next regular board meeting will be Saturday, February 3rd at 7:30pm in the Fair Office.  This will be the board’s last regular meeting on a Saturday.


Board of Directors Meet in December

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, December 2, 2017, at the Hardin County Fairgrounds for their monthly board meeting.  Eighteen directors were present and 13 guests were present.

Craig Stump, President, called the meeting to order.

Rick Bard, representing the Mid Ohio Cushman’s Club, requested to have a meeting to discuss the idea of having their annual scooter show at the Hardin County Fairgrounds.  The organization is looking into having a new site for May of 2019.  A meeting was set for Wednesday, Dec. 6th at 1pm to discuss this idea further.  

Nancy Rickenbacher, representing the Jr. Fair Board, stated they are currently looking for new Jr. Fair Board members, with hopes of some of them attending the annual OFMA convention in January.  


A thank you was read from Kim Butcher, Central Ohio Tractor Pullers.

Corey Ledley, Vice President and Chair of the Executive Committee discussed the executive committee meeting minutes.  The board moved to pay off the loan the board has with Quest Federal Credit Union.  The Annual Holiday Dinner at the Plaza Inn Rest., will be on Thursday, Dec. 21st at 6pm.  The board moved to start having a cleaning fee of $200 for use of the chair covers in the community building.  There is currently no charge for using the chair covers and no cleaning fee.  The board also moved to change the linear footage charge for boats, trailers, rv’s etc. from $7.00 to $10.00 – which will go into effect next season.  Meal ticket prices were agreed to change during the 2018 fair to $12 max on the adult meal ticket and increase the Jr. Meal ticket to $6.  Monthly board meetings are being changed to the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm, to start on March 7th, 2018.  The board moved to change the office hourly staff rate and increase the Sec./Treasurer salary.  Employee contracts were updated for 2018.  The 2018 budget was approved.  Jason Fulton was nominated for the Buck Twp. Director for one year.  Current directors then voted by paper for the Director at Large Vacancy for one year.  Those interested in the position were:  Jeff Haudenschield, Justin Dick, Eric Haudenschield, Earnie Davis and Dale Cockerell.  After voting was done, the top vote getter was Dale Cockerell.  The 2018 code of conduct was then signed by all board members.  Judi Cronley then swore in directors Jeff Morris and Jason Fulton.  Two new members for the executive committee were voted on by paper vote with Howard Lyle and Paul Ralston winning those votes.  They will join committee members:  Craig Stump, President, Corey Ledley, Vice President, Kelly Buchenroth, and Brad Murphy.  

Kelly Buchenroth, chairman of the Grounds Committee, stated they are working on prices for trading in the mower.  Judi Cronley stated winter storage is full except for small items and vehicles that can still be stored.  

Rob Wilson, representing the entertainment committee, discussed the entertainer survey that was done through Facebook.  Dylan Scott, with an opener, won by a 77% margin over Michael Ray.  There were 456 people who voted.  The board moved to offer Dylan Scott more money to try and secure him as our entertainer if needed.  Rob discussed the KOI drag racing idea for Wednesday night of the fair and needs ideas for the Hour of Inspiration.  Brad Murphy then discussed other free entertainment for the week of the fair.  The board moved to have Bear Hollow Wood Carvers and a glass blower for the week.    

Judi Cronley announced there are still 16 families that need to cash their Jr. Fair Livestock exhibitor checks.  Don Spar stated he will address this issue.  It was noted internet options for fairground use and especially for the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale are being researched.  Don Spar announced the Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Committee will meet on Wednesday, Jan. 17th at 7pm with the Livestock Committees meeting after this meeting.  

Under old business:  

Judi Cronley discussed those wanting to attend the annual OFMA convention in January.  

Under new business:

It was announced Ray Davis will be inducted into the Ohio Fair Managers Associations Hall of Fame on Sunday, Jan. 7th, 2018.  Other inductees from Hardin County have been Giles Koehler in 1997 and Dave Howard in 2007.  The Board will receive one communication award during the Ohio Dept. of Ag. Breakfast, also on Sunday, Jan. 7th.  The next regular board meeting will be Thursday, December 21st at 6:00pm at the Plaza Inn Rest, in Mt. Victory for a dinner and meeting.  The board will be honoring 4 past directors for their long time service to the board.

Hardin County Fair Foundation Asks For Your Support on #GivingTuesday

On this #GivingTuesday, we are asking for your support of our Hardin County Fair Foundation.

The Hardin County Fair Foundation financially supports the Hardin County Fair to preserve and improve the fair for generations to come. The fair foundation’s sole income is by donation.

We believe in transparency. Here are the numbers of the foundation:

In 2016, Junior Fair Members and other generous parties donated $28,242.12 which brings the foundation’s balance to $63,880.34 at the conclusion of 2016.

The mission is to raise $100,000 before the group can start pursuing and completing projects. While that is a large number, and we are over halfway to our goal, every penny still counts.

We want to especially thank those Junior Fair Members that have donated portions of their livestock sale proceeds to support the foundation’s mission, and continue to grow the experience that has impacted so many people.

Hardin County Fair Board Reorganizes

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met on Saturday, November 4th with Howard Lyle, Acting President, presiding.

Howard Lyle reported the election results:

McDonald Township: Dan Beale

Blanchard Township: Rob Wilson

Cessna Township: Jack McBride

Dudle Township: Brad Murphy

Lynn Township: Paul Ralston

Marion Township: Craig Decker

Taylor Creek Township: Kelly Buchenroth

Top 2 At-Large Director winners: Charlie McCullough and Jeff Morris

Letters of resignations were received from Charlie McCullough for Buck Township and Kelly Buchenroth, an At-Large Position. Janie Seiler and Craig Stump moved to accept the letters of resignation. Motion passed.

All directors present were sworn into office by Judi Cronley, notarizer.

With 39 members paid for 2018, the election of officers was held. Kelly Buchenroth moved to nominate Craig Stump for President and Rob Wilson seconded the motion. Corey Ledley moved to close the nominations, with Andrew Scharf seconding that motion. Motion passed. Kelly Buchenroth moved to nominate Corey Ledley for Vice President and Justin Beale seconded the motion. Rob Wilson moved to close the nominations with Mark Garmon seconding that motion. Motion passed.

Janie Seiler moved to keep the monthly meeting dates, the 1st Saturday of each month at 7:30pm. Paul Rickenbacher seconded the motion. Then Paul Ralston and Mark Garmon moved to only approve the dates until the March meeting and then discuss a different date. Motion approved. Mark Garmon and Andrew Scharf moved to keep the Annual Meeting and Re-organizational meeting on November 3rd, 2018 at 7:30pm. Motion passed.

Mark Garmon moved to adjourn the meeting and Justin Beale seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Hardin County Agricultural Society Holds Annual Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural society met with President, Howard Lyle presiding. 18 directors along with 21 Hardin County Agricultural Society members were present.

The minutes of last year’s annual meeting were read. Kelly Buchenroth moved they be approved as read. Greg Liedel seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Ray Davis moved the price of a membership and season ticket be set at $20.00, the same as last year. Jeff Madison seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Greg Liedel moved that Director’s pay continue to be an annual price of $1.00. Jim Bidwell seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The annual conflict of interest document for 2017/18 was given to every director and signed by all directors in attendance.

Mark Light and Kolt Buchenroth moved to have the Annual Meeting in either the Arts/Crafts Building or the Community Building due to the large number of members attending the annual meeting. Motion passed.

Judi Cronley suggested the Constitution of the Hardin County Agricultural Society be revised. Director resignations were then discussed. Kolt Buchenroth and Justin Beale moved that a director does not need to resign from their current position, when they decide to run for a different director position. Then Greg Liedel and Kolt Buchenroth amended the motion to state when a Township Director moves to a different Township during their term, they need to resign after the fair of that year. Motion passed. . Kolt Buchenroth and Dale Cockerell moved that once a director is elected to another position and it is announced at the annual re-organizational meeting, that director needs to turn in a letter of resignation so they can be sworn into their new position. Motion passed.

Ray Davis then thanked the board for his many years of being a director. Judi Cronley stated the fair board is losing 97 years of knowledge in 4 directors resigning. Ray Davis – 39 years, Jim Bidwell – 33 years, Kerry James – 14 years, and Jeff Madison – 11 years.

Next year’s annual meeting, with the annual election to be held on the same day from 3-7pm, will be on Nov. 3rd, 2018.

Kolt Buchenroth moved to adjourn and Dale Cockerell seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Fair Board Holds November Meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, November 4, 2017, at the Hardin County Fairgrounds for their monthly board meeting. Eighteen directors were present and 22 guests were present.

Craig Stump, Vice President, called the meeting to order.

Mark Light from OSU Extension stated they had a good turnout for their first 4-H Fall Fest that was held in the 4-H building.

Chloe Anderson, 4-H member from the Boots and Buckles 4-H club, stated her club was donating 2 wheelbarrows and a manure fork for the horse show arena.

Many thank you’s were read from various people.

Judi Cronley gave an update on the audit, it should be tying up soon. There will be an executive committee meeting on Tuesday, November 7 to discuss the 2018 budget and various other items. It was noted the new executive committee will be formed at the December Board Meeting. Paul Rickenbacher and Don Spar were nominated as our fair delegates, at the Annual OFMA Convention.

Kelly Buchenroth spoke on behalf of the Grounds Committee. Minutes from the ground’s committee meeting were discussed. Winter storage is almost full for all items, except vehicles. Judi passed around inventory sheets that need updated by November 15th.

Craig Stump discussed the camping committee meeting that was held in October. There will not be any new sites added for the 2018 fair. There are 5 fair campers that are receiving letters, stating they cannot camp during the 2018 Hardin County Fair, because they moved out before 7pm on Sunday night of the fair.

Rob Wilson, representing the entertainment committee, went over the entertainment committee’s meeting minutes. He stated harness racing will be Thursday with 2 sessions that day, there will be a truck/tractor pull on Friday night again, there will be a concert on Saturday night of the fair and Sunday’s entertainment in the grandstand will remain the same as 2017’s fair. Wednesday night entertainment in the grandstand is being further discussed.

Judi Cronley announced all JR Fair Livestock exhibitor checks have been mailed.

Nancy Rickenbacher, chairperson of the JR. Fair Board, stated they are looking into purchasing a digital sign for the front gate entrance. She also stated Hardin County will have a queen representation at the Annual Convention. The JR. Fair Affidavit report was approved. This report was then notarized by Bonnie McBride.

Under old business:

Judi Cronley gave a report on the District Meeting held this past week at the Auglaize County Fairgrounds.

Under new business:

The board approved the Hardin County Fair’s request for the 2018 Fair to be September 4th – 9th. The next regular board meeting will be Saturday, December 2nd at 7:30pm in the Fair Office.

Board Seeks Letters of Intent for Appointed Positions

The Hardin County Fair Board has 2 positions available for an appointed 1 year term.  These positions have now become open due to directors resigning from these positions.  If you are interested in either of the positions, which are for Buck Township and an At-Large position, please write a letter of intent to the Fair Board.  The fair board will try their best to appoint someone from Buck Township to the Buck Township position and anyone in the county can be appointed to the At-Large position.  You can only apply for one of the positions if you are a member of the Ag. Society for 2017.  All letters need to be submitted by Wednesday, November 29th, 2017, 4:00pm.  Letters should be addressed to:


Hardin County Ag. Society

P.O. Box 317, Kenton, OH 43326.

New Fair Directors Elected, Sworn In

Winning seats on the Hardin County Fair Board of Directors are:

  • Craig Decker
  • Kelly “Buck” Buchenroth
  • Charles “Charlie” McCullough
  • Dan Beale
  • Paul Ralston
  • Rob Wilson
  • Jack McBride
  • Brad Murphy

The directors were sworn in by Hardin County Fair Secretary and Treasurer, Judi Cronley.

Also at the reorganizational meeting held Saturday evening, Craig Stump was elected to the office of President and Corey Ledley was elected as the Vice President.