July Meeting Agenda

  1. Guests (3-5 minute speaking time allotted)
  2. Correspondence
  3. Minutes of last meeting  
  4. Financial Reports
  5. Bills to Approve
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Executive Committee
      1. Minutes from June 14th and 21st meetings
      2. Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Position
      3. New Development Committee needs formed with a Chairperson.
    2. Strategic Planning
    3. Grounds Committee
      1. Working on new gas contract, old one expires at the end of the month.
      2. Updates for the Hardin Northern Restaurant
      3. Trees being trimmed
      4. Race Horse Barn Roof Paint day scheduled for Saturday, July 24th
      5. Reminders will be sent to just a couple of people who still have their cars in storage.  Those need to be out by the end of the month.
    4. Camping Committee
      1. Fair Camping – some new campers haven’t paid, so their spots are going to be re-rented. 
      2. Working on a National Cushman Contract for next June and a Winnebago Camping events for next year in September.
    5. Entertainment Committee
      1. Need a new contract for the All American Petting Zoo
      2. Need a contract for COSI and the Columbus Zoo
      3. Online grand stand tickets are available for purchase.
    6. Livestock Committees
      1. Judges for the fair are needed for Beef. 
      2. Update on the Sheep and Goat Weigh-Ins
      3. Sheep Barn update
      4. Horse Shot Records need to be turned in to the Secretary Office by August 1st
      5. Rabbit tattooing is scheduled for Saturday, August 14th from 9-11am.
    7. Rides and Concessions
      1. There are still available spots for vendors and concessions to rent. 
    8. Junior Fair Board Report
    9. Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
      1. One sponsorship hasn’t paid
    10. Tech. Committee
    11. Other Committees
      1. The 2021 Fair Premium Book is online and a limited amount of hard copies are available in the secretary office.
      2. Still working on getting gate workers for Saturday of the Fair.
    12. Old Business:
      1. Still need open class judges for dairy, woodworking, photography and flowers.
      2. 2nd quarter Fair Newsletter was sent in June.
      3. The $50,000 from the state, being offered to the fairs this year, has still not been received.  ODA states we will receive it later in July.
    13. New Business:
      1. Junior Fair entries are due on Saturday, July 31st – if you are a Junior Fair exhibitor and are planning to bring something to the fair this year, you have to register your items by going to the fair website.  This includes HS Art, FFA, and 4-H.
      2. Open Class entries can be made from August 1st – August 27th – online or by mailing in your entries. 
      3. The Fair Office will start to be open beginning Monday, August 9th – Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. 
      4. Season tickets will only be sold in the Fair Office and online.  They will all be done online and scanned at the gates for entry. 
      5. Our next monthly Board Meeting is Wednesday, August 4th at 7pm.

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