Board holds May meeting

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Wednesday, May 5, 2021, for their May monthly board meeting.  Seventeen directors and nine guests were present.

Corey Ledley, Board President, called the meeting to order.

Mark Light, from OSU Extension, stated they have a 4-H App and there is a link to the Fair on it.

Deena Gibson, representing the Cattle Producers, asked to do some fundraisers at the Fairgrounds.  The directors agreed to allow commodities to have at least one fundraiser at no charge. 

Dick Humphries, representing the Kenton Amateur Radio Club asked about having a field day on June 26th and 27th.  The board told him the group could use the East side of the fairgrounds.  His group also has a 15-25 foot trailer that they would like stored at the fairgrounds year round.  More discussion will be held about the trailer.

Tori Korian, from OSU Extension, stated that 4-H enrollment is done and there is a scheduled Quality Assurance planned for June 6th, and this is the last QA to qualify for the State Fair.

Kolt Buchenroth, Hardin County Ag. Society Marketing and Communications Director, stated the 2021 Fair Book is at the printer.  A copy of the Fair book can be obtained by going to the Fair’s Website at

Correspondence was read by Charlie McCullough, Swine Superintendent, from OSU.  The letter stated all hogs tested for Influenza A at the 2020 Hardin County Fair, all came back with negative results.  OSU will test hogs again during the 2021 Hardin County Fair.

Brad Murphy, Chairman of the Executive Committee, stated the job posting for Ground’s Superintendent/Fairground Caretaker has been posted.

Dale Cockerell, Ground’s Co-Chairman, stated the County has been working on the new handicapped parking lot.  New tile was installed before the project could be started.  It was noted the Ground’s Committee is going to set up some work days.  $3000 was received from the Hardin Community Foundation Grant Committee for paint that will be used on the Race Horse Barn Roofs. 

Craig Stump, Camping Co-Chairman, stated the Cushman Club will be camping at the Fairgrounds next week and there are still 3 Fair Camping spots available to rent.

Livestock Judges are still needed for Dairy, Beef feeders, and Beef.  Other judge’s contracts have been sent with their class schedules.  Dairy Beef Feeder Weigh in is scheduled for Saturday, May 29th from 8am-10:30am, Sheep Weigh in is scheduled for Saturday, June 12th from 8am-10am and Goat Weigh in is scheduled for that same day, Saturday, June 12th from 10-11am.  It was noted that letters have been sent to past exhibitors to register your Dairy Beef, Beef Feeders, Swine and Horses.  Swine continue to be ractopamine –free and affidavits are still required to show proof.  Swine registration is due June 5th and new for this year is that only four hogs can be registered per exhibitor.  Beef Feeders have to be registered by June 4th.  Horse registrations are needed by June 1st.

Brad Murphy, Concession/Vendor Chairman, stated emails were obtained from 132 vendors and emails were sent to those vendors with directions on how to submit requests for a contract.  There were several vendors where messages were left to call back with email addresses and some vendor’s phone numbers didn’t work.  If anyone is interested in having a vendor spot at the 2021 Hardin County Fair, they should go to and fill out a contract request form under the concession/vendor tab. 

Sherri Beale, Jr Fair Board Advisor, stated committees have been formed.  They were also granted a Community Foundation Grant toward’s a new picnic table.

Jake McFadden, Sponsorship Committee Chairman, stated sponsorship invoices have been sent to those who still needed to pay for their sponsorships. 

Jake also discussed the battery issue with the two way rental radios.  He was told the company is purchasing all new batteries for the radios and the Fair’s rental price will continue to be the same price.  Directors voted to go with the same company for 2 way radio rentals.   

Under old business:

Gate workers are still needed for Saturday of the Fair.  It was noted that Wednesday of the fair is close to being taken care of for gate workers. 

Open Class judges are still needed for Dairy, Wine, HS Art, Woodworking, Photography, and Flowers.

Under new business:

The restroom cleaning contract was approved for the 2021 Hardin County Fair.  Jake McFadden discussed 4 options for either purchasing or renting phones and Ipads for the new gates/ticketing system being used this year.  Directors voted to go with option 2 which is purchasing IPhone 8’s and year 2017 IPads.  The next Fair Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2nd at 7pm, in the Arts/Crafts Building.

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