Poultry Orders Being Facilitated Privately

With the changes were experiencing in the world, the Ohio State University Extension Office in Hardin county is not able to facilitate the Market Poultry Order as usual. So, I, Paul Ralston, Poultry Superintendent for the Hardin County Fair, have taken it on for this year. Chicks and ducklings will be coming from Ridgeway Hatcheries in LaRue. Orders need to be confirmed and paid by June 1. All orders are non-refundable and must be picked up. Ducklings are $3.25 per duckling. Minimum order is 6. Chicks will be STRAIGHT RUN  for $1.60 per chick. Minimum order is 15. Distribution for the ducks will be on July 1 noon – 2pm and the Chicks will be on July 15th noon – 2pm. To break up the people in one place we will have pickup locations in Ada, Mt. Victory and Kenton for the chicks and just Kenton for the ducks. The Kenton pickup will be at the fairgrounds in the Small Animal Show Arena, unless the fairgrounds is still closed to the public then an alternative location will be communicated. Ada location will be at Curt Stover’s located at 1721 Township Rd. 30 Ada. Mt. Victory location is the Plaza Inn parking lot on the south side of town. Please fill out the form below and mail it with your payment to 7087 County Road 110 Alger, OH 45812. Payments are to be made to Paul Ralston. Ducks and chicks can be ordered on the same form. Email or text/phone orders can be facilitated and if someone would prefer to pay online through PayPal I can do that I just ask that you pay the fee. If you have any questions please call/text Paul Ralston at 567-674-5819 or reach out via email.

Chick & Duck Order Letter and Order Form