#ShowboxSaturday | Goats | Meredith Bischoff

We visit newly relocated Goat Department for this edition of #Showbox Saturday. And our Junior Fair Expert is Meredith Bischoff.

Meredith is the Vice President of the Kenton-OHP FFA chapter and is a member of the Jumbo Junior Farmers 4-H Club. She has been showing at the Hardin County Fair for the past nine years.

She suggests keeping a spray bottle and brush handy in the show box. To avoid the risk fo illness, Meredith suggests spraying dirt spots on the animal and brushing them out, versus bathing them completely.

In addition to that, Meredith recommends having more than one show collar in the event one would break, or two animals are entered in the same class.

As far as advice goes for young exhibitors, Meredith said “I would encourage first year show men to watch the senior showmen class. It can really help you understand what to do.”

She also recommends asking questions to more seasoned showmen for clarification.