#ShowboxSaturday | Dairy | Laney Harpel

Laney Harpel takes instruction for 2018 Fair Honoree Jim Bidwell while showing her dairy heifer in 2015.


In this edition of #ShowboxSaturday, we go straight to the professionals. We met Dairy Princess Laney Harpel. She is a member of the Kenton-OHP FFA Chapter. Laney has been exhibiting dairy projects at the Hardin County Fair since the age of nine.

When it comes to the all-important show box, Harpel just recommends the basics:

  • Halters
  • Brushes
  • Bathing Supplies

Harpel also recommends a number holder, versus pinning an exhibitor number directly to a show shirt. She also said scissors will come in handy.

Harpel recommends studying up on the dairy industry and project information to answer any possible questions!

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