#ShowboxSaturday | Rabbits | Cami Lowery

Cami Lowery is the President of the Country Timers 4-H Club and a member of the Ridgemont FFA chapter. She has been involved in the Hardin County fair for 8 years and has shown, poultry, pygmy goats, horses, beef cows, dairy cows, and rabbits.

Lowery has always shown rabbits, and they have always been her favorite project. In addition to showing at the Hardin County Fair, she has shown at the State and National Levels where she has won showmanship.

Aside from the necessities of feed and water, Cami encourages showmen to bring water from home that the animals are used to. Lowery said that sometimes the city water that the fair uses can make the animals go off water, or make them sick. Lowery also brings grass hay for her rabbits.

Lowery also recommends bringing grooming supplies for the animals:

Rabbit Toenail Clippers
Show Sheen

For warmer temperatures (which can be expected following the Labor Day holiday) Lowery will place frozen water bottles in her animal’s cages to keep them cool.

Lowery recommends that all first-year showmen read and review the rabbit 4-H Guide Book that members should have received when they started their project. She said “It has an abundant amount of knowledge for beginners.”

Lowery said that utilizing veteran showmen is the best way to learn the trade.

“Observe older showman and if you have questions, feel free to ask them or the royalty.” Lowery said. “The main thing I try to convince kids of is to refrain from holding their rabbits, especially when it’s hot.”

Lowery said that rabbits can become overheadted very easily and can become agitated. She recommends leaving the animal in the cage as long as possible, or if an exhibitor wants to bring the animal to the arena, place them in a carrier with some water. Leaving the animal alone will make it much happier when it’s being shown.

The most important lesson of all, however, Lowery says is to have fun, and learn from your mistakes to make you better for the future.

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