#ShowboxSaturday | Swine | Garrett Thomas

Welcome to the first article in our “Show box Saturday” series. This series is designed to provide tips and tricks for incoming showman, young and old alike. We sat down with some seasoned showmen and junior fair board members to learn everything there is to learn about their respective species. 

We begin with Garrett Thomas who is an eight-year swine showman, a Hardin County Junior Fair Board member, and is the president of the Kenton-OHP FFA Chapter. Garrett says that the Hardin County Fair is one “like no other.”

Thomas said one of the keys to success is to “Just relax, have fun, and smile.”

“The first year is seeing what showing is like and meeting new friends…Trophies and ribbons will come with time and hard work!” said Thomas.

Thomas, spends the majority of his time in the swine barn, but notes the connection of all livestock barns is to credit for forming those friendships.

When it comes to handy things to have ready in the show box, Garrett has a few helpful tips.

“A spray bottle to keep your pig clean in the pen without having to take them out to wash everyday. Also, safety pins to pin your number on your show shirt.” said Thomas.

“The last thing that is always helpful is a small pocket brush and rag for the show arena, should you need to wipe something off your pig.” he said.

In addition to his swine operation, he has a Grain Entrepreneurship Supervised Agricultural Experience where he rents land to grow corn, soybeans, and wheat crops. He also serves on the Junior Fair Board’s Swine Committee.